Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 AM and Counting

Today is one of those days where something really important has to be done, and I'm having to wait on a bunch of other people in order to accomplish it. Specifically, we are hiring, and I just want it to be OVER. I guess we don't have to make a decision today, but I've put so much energy into this that I don't want to draw it out any longer. I have a bunch of important work to do tomorrow, that if I have to postpone finalizing our plans until tomorrow, I'll lose another day.

Argh! Why does so much of our lives have to depend on other people?

Please take that as an expression of frustration, and not as a serious question. The thing is, we have made a bunch of hiring mistakes in the past, and we are determined not to repeat any of them this time around. We need someone who will fit in our company, be competent, and be a successful networker/salesperson. Unfortunately, it's hard to find someone who fits all three criteria within our price range.

The truth is, we need satisfying relationships in order to live happy lives, just as you need the right people in order to run a successful business. But getting to those people and those relationships will always be stressful. So even though I'm really frustrated with everything that has happened today, I will be doubly satisfied when we start working with someone who really does fit perfectly in our business and will fun to collaborate with.

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